Dealing with Mistakes with a Denture Lab in Greensboro

Everyone makes mistakes, even professionals and even when technology at its best. That includes a denture lab in Greensboro and issues that occur in house. Hopefully, they are caught and fixed before the items go out the door. There can be delays due to mistakes and that is going to upset both the dentist and the patient.
From a dentist point of view, it looks very unprofessional when a denture lab in Greensboro makes a mistake. It can give the impression they don’t work with the best providers. In fact, if the mistakes happen often, they may be looking for a new provider. Yet if they have worked with this same lab for some time and it rarely happens then they are more willing to forgive and work to make it right.
Patients don’t really care if it is the dentist fault or that of the dental lab in Greensboro. All they know is they have been inconvenienced and they aren’t happy with it. They want a solution and they want it right away. They want to have their appliances ready for their appointments as they have already arranged their schedule.
When dental lab mistakes do happen, it is important for them to be discussed. What went wrong and how can it be prevented? This can be a learning experience for all involved so don’t let it just be an upset. If you don’t discover the root of the problem, it can happen again for another patient.
Apologizing for a denture lab in Greensboro that has made a mistake. It is important as patients need to hear it. Don’t make excuses and pass along the blame. You are a team and the ultimate goal needs to be to help the customer. If they have been inconvenienced by the changes in plans, you may give them a discount or offer their next cleaning for free. Even though it wasn’t your fault, this can help to reduce the intensity they feel over the issue.
You can even ask the dental lab to cut you some slack and offer you a discount. Explain to them what you had to do in order to appease the patient. You need to do all you can to reduce the risk of dental lab mistakes. Make sure they have the right information they need to work from. Communication is a key element to making it all work.
Never ignore the mistake and continue with the patient as if nothing happened. They may not realize at that time here is a problem but they will eventually. If the fit is okay but not the best, or there is another small issue, they may be able to wear the appliance and then come back for another one free of charge when it is ready.
Try to be solution oriented when it comes to dental lab mistakes. They shouldn’t happen too often but don’t lose your cool when they do. You don’t want to wreck any relationship with a great provider because you didn’t try to realize we are all human and we all make mistakes from time to time.